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Broken, Not Beaten (Deluxe Version) CD


Image of Broken, Not Beaten (Deluxe Version) CD


A physical copy of our sophomore record and debut full-length album "Broken, Not Beaten"! This deluxe version features 4 Bonus Tracks that takes you behind the scenes with demos and voice memos.


1. Hit & Run
2. Crossroads
3. Hesitated (feat. Gabi Kennific)
4. Shadow
5. Thousand Glasses
6. Ripped Me Out
7. Moonwalker
8. Broken, Not Beaten
9. Twist Of Fate
10. Summer Air

BONUS Hidden Tracks
11. Hit & Run (Original Voice Memo)
12. Twist Of Fate (Original Voice Memo)
13. Thousand Glasses (Original Demo Recording)
14. Twist Of Fate (Original Demo Recording)